Health Benefits of the Game of Golf

Golf is famed for many things, such as the great courses of Augusta. Also, some of the most famous players to ever grace the game such as Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. Golf also serves brilliant tournaments such as the British Open and the Ryder Cup keeping millions glued to their favourite golf channels.

What is unknown to many are the immense health benefits of golf. The slow pace of golf and the leisurely walk on the courses might delude one into thinking that the game serves no health value, physical or mental. Nothing could be further from the truth. The act of swinging and hitting the ball has been proven to have great benefits. Read about some of these here.

Burns the Calories

Golf is played in expansive courses. To hit the ball from the first to the eighteenth hole involve a player covering several kilometres on foot. The body muscles involved in striking the ball are stretched at every tee. Add to that the calories burned through carrying the golf bag. The sweating and panting means that the body is shedding extra fats hence attaining a lean shape. This further lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Good for Mental Health

It is not just the physical aspects of the player that benefit. Mental health also sees notable improvements. The nature walks rejuvenate the brain and helps a player step away from the noise to the pristine landscape filled with chirping birds and tranquillity. Golf also brings friends together through tournaments in different courses making golf for traveling an amazing opportunity for meeting new golf buddies, fighting stress and loneliness.

Sharpens Vision and Coordination

The game of golf requires the eyesight of an eagle. A golfer is required to apply his vision from the tee to the hole and be aware of potential hazards to his all-round game. This hand-vision-brain coordination is sharpened every time a player takes to the course.