What to Wear When Playing Golf

Golfers have a formal dress code that upholds golf traditions. Generally, women have more options and styles than men, although they still have to keep it modest so as to comply with golf etiquette. With that said, the following are the best practices for a golfer when it comes to wearing appropriate clothing.


When picking sweaters or jackets, especially for the cold season, sweaters, windbreakers or vests are preferred. These outfits give a layered look and make a golf player look polished and classy for the game.


Traditional golf shoes are recommended for golfers. They are more comfortable and contribute to a stable swing while on the greens. Your shoes should have plastic spikes or hard rubber. Many golf courses do not accept shoes with metallic spikes. For men, the colour of shoes is limited to brown, white or black. Women can wear a variety of colours, but they are not allowed to wear boots, high heels or sandals.


Men are required to stick to collared shirts, but women have many options. They can wear non-collared shirts, sleeveless tops or collared shirts. In both cases, the shirts should be tucked in as long as the golfer is on the golf course.

Hats, Gloves, and Sunglasses

Gloves can be worn on the non-dominant hand since it helps the player to get a tight grip on their club. Bucket hats, baseball caps, beanies and straw hats are also accepted. Sunglasses with customised lens technology, which help enhance contrast, colours and changes in terrain, are permitted to protect the eyes from direct sunlight.


Golf skirts, slacks and shorts are permitted in golfing. It is no wonder they are the most common in the game. Both women and men are supposed to adhere to this dress code. Attires like yoga pants, general jeans, sweats, among others, are not allowed at all.